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Use of exposant


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Hi friends,

I need to create a rule to have the € symbol as an exposant and the cents just below, like in the screenshot attached.


How can we do that using a rule in FP 9.1 ?

Thanks for your help !

Olivier from France.


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There are a few ways you can accomplish this. Probably the simplest is to use multiple text frames. The Euro symbol can be in a frame by itself. Then the numbers can either be in one or two frames. To put them in a single frame, you can do something like this:

var price = StringToNumber(Field("price"));
return '<z newsize=20>' + Math.floor(price) + '<z newsize=10>' +
       String(Round(price - Math.floor(price), 2)).replace(/^0/,'');

And right-align that in the frame. You will need to modify the numbers in the <z newsize=***> tags to get the point sizes you want.


P.S. There's no such word "exposant" in English. I think the equivalent English word is "exponent," although in typographic terms, I would call this superscript.

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