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I am working on a merge where a chart picture is inserted that shows claims from 2012 and 2013.


If there are no claims I don't want the empty chart to show up.


Originally I wrote my rule so that if the 2012 and 2013 claims totals did not equal '$0.00 ' it would insert a picture. Unfortunately, it did not add charts that only had claims in 2012. So, if 2013 claims were $0.00 it did not add a picture.


Here is the rule that does not work:


if (Field("2012 Claims Total") != '$0.00 ' && Field("2013 Claims Total") != '$0.00 ')
return CreateResource("/Users/Desktop/Projects/Fee Mailing/Merge Links/Chart Samples/" + (Field("@ClaimsChart")));

I rewrote the rule so that if 2012 and 2013 claims totals equaled $0.00 it would return a null resource, else it would return the claim chart.


This rule works:


if  (Field("2012 Claims Total") == '$0.00 ' && Field("2013 Claims Total") == '$0.00 ') 
return NullResource()  

else return CreateResource("/Users//Desktop/Projects/Fee Mailing/Merge Links/Chart Samples/" + (Field("@ClaimsChart")))

What am I missing to get the first code to work correctly?





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I need it to not show the graph if both 2012 and 2013 claims are $0.00, so using OR || wouldn't work.

Right, but conversely, you need to show the graph if either 2012 OR 2013 claims are NOT zero. Think about it: If the either order is not zero, then both can't be zero. The use of the != (not equal) operator changes things.


More generally, with Boolean logic, the converse of "if A and B" is "if not A OR not B", not "if not A and not B".


So Thomas is correct. Try it and see.

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