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Special characters and UTF-8


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I am working with a data file that is encoded as UTF-8


Special characters appear when I open the data file in Notepad++


For example:


Ayazağa Mah




When I link this data file to FusionPro, every accented character disappears.


How can I get special characters to appear when composing records?

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There are three things you need to make sure of:


  1. That the data file has a UTF-8 byte order mark (BOM). FusionPro relies on the BOM to know that the file is UTF-8. Notepad++ should be able to add the BOM if it's not already present.
  2. That you're using a font which supports the Unicode characters.
  3. That the "Limit processing to Latin-1" box on the Advanced tab of the composition settings dialog is NOT checked.

As usual, doing a full composition (not a Preview) and looking in the log (.msg) file will probably give you some idea of what's not working.

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