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Frutiger LT Std 77 Black Cn Not Loading


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I have the font family FrutigerLtStd-Cn installed on my system. I am able to access the font Frutiger LT Std 77 Black Cn from the font family while working in Adobe InDesign. However, that particular font in the font family is not available in FusionPro. I have attempted to Load All Fonts several times and it still isn't available. What would cause just that one font in the family not to load?
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It's hard to say without more information, especially the versions of FusionPro and your operating system. Anyway, these questions are difficult to answer in the context of this forum. I recommend contacting Support.


EDIT: I see from your profile that you're using FusionPro VDP 7.1 on Windows 7. That's a fairly old version of FusionPro, which predates Windows 7 by a few years. You might get better results with a newer version of the software.

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