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Rule based on number of records per output file


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hello all,

Here's what i'd like to do - for this particular job, our customer requires individual pdf files returned to them for lookup in their management system, but for production we run in stacks. An extra page needs to be returned in the individual file, but not production.


i'd like to base my OnRecordStart rule on the following:


if (NumberOfRecordsPerFile==1)



ComposePages(a different set)


anyone know if this is possible?


This will be a daily job, so just modifying the active pages in the template will be cumbersome and opens up the possibility of human error...


Thanks in advance!

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Is imposition turned off in the first case ("individual pdf files returned to them for lookup in their management system")? If so, you should be able to key off of that, and do something like this:

FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage("Extra Page Name",
   FusionPro.Composition.JobOptions.UseImpositionDefFile == "Yes");

If that doesn't work, then there's probably something else you can key off of in the customer's "management system." What exactly is this system?

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works great Dan. thanks again. Is there a list of the JobOptions available in this object?

It's basically all the entries in the CFG file that gets created when you compose or collect. There are a few undocumented settings, but for anything relevant to a FusionPro Creator job, you should be able to see what changes in the CFG file when you change something in the Composition Settings dialog. Also, in a FusionPro VDP Producer API (FP Server) workflow, you can add arbitrary custom entries to the CFG file and access them via FusionPro.Composition.JobOptions.

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