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Repeating graphics on imposed sheet


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We print 1.85" x 6" numbered sports tickets, 20-up per 13" x 19" sheet. I'm trying to write a rule that places individual ticket backs (1.85" x 6") on the imposed sheets.

Specifically, assuming I have 7 different backs, I'd like the first back to print on imposition sheets 1, 8, 15, 22, etc. Second back would print on imposition sheet 2, 9, 16, 23, etc. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Just use a two-page FusionPro template, where the second page is the back of each ticket, and use a Duplex imposition template. If you're not using stacked imposition, then it's just a matter of calling out a new back graphic every 20 tickets, with a Graphic rule doing something like this:

var backGraphics = [ "Back1.jpg", "Second graphic.tif", "etc",  ] // all seven listed here
return CreateResource(backGraphics[int(FusionPro.Composition.inputRecordNumber / 20) % 7]);

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Unfortunately, It does stack. I could use a script that calls out a back depending upon what the ticket front number ends with, but can't find that in the RulesSystemGuide.

You should be able to use the FusionPro.Composition.impositionSheetNumber property. Actually, this is simpler than what I posted before, even for non-stacked imposition.

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Can you be more specific about how you'd use the ticket number to call the correct back?


What numbers correlate with what back?


For a stack of 50, the first sheet would have ticket numbers:

1 101 201 301 401 501 601 701 801 901

51 151 251 351 451 551 651 751 851 951


These would all have Back 1.



2 102 202 302 402 502 602 702 802 902

52 152 252 352 452 552 652 752 852 952


Would have back 2, and so on.


Thus I thought Back 1 could be called out for ticket numbers ending in "1," Back 2 would be called out for ticket numbers ending in "2," etc.

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You can try this:

var imposheet = FusionPro.Composition.impositionSheetNumber;
var numOfBacks = 7; // Total number of backs you want to pull in
var back = (imposheet%numOfBacks == 0) ? numOfBacks : imposheet%numOfBacks;
return Resource("B " + back + ".pdf");

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Sorry, I'm not clear on the return Resource line.


I have 7 backs

B 1.pdf

B 2.pdf

B 3.pdf



Using your code, I get the message

RandomBack, line 4 Error: In resource(), no resource named B NaN.pdf


I can make the backs 1-seven page file if need be.

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