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128 Barcode Getting "Top Chopped"


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VDP Creator Version 8.0.20


Im creating a simple 128 Barcode job, 50,000 records. I'm using the 128 barcode rule using the 128L font. In preview and when I output the first 10 records to proof the job as a PDF the barcode looks correct at about half an inch tall by two inches. When I output those same 10 records as a VDX The top of the barcode is cut short, coming to about a quarter inch by 2 inches. Any clue whats going on here anyone? :confused:


The barcode still scans accurately both ways but it just doesn't come out looking correct as it was proofed or previewed.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I'm printing it on a Kodak Nexpress 3000. When I preview the file in FP it appears correct and outputs correctly as a pdf. When I go directly from outputting a pdf to a vdx the top gets clipped. The job previewer on the nexpress shows the top clipped and that is unfortunately how it prints out. Any ideas Dan? Am I missing something?



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