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Merging Many Page PDF to a background PDF


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So basically all I want to do is merge a 1,124 page PDF onto a PDF background. Each page of the 1,124 page PDF would be the first page merged with the background PDF and page two of the template would be a static page. Is there an easy way to do this? I know I could split the 1,124 page PDF into single page PDFs and the create a data source to call in each One page PDF into a graphic box on page one of the template. Was hoping there was a quicker and easier way. TIA Edited by dreimer
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Oh I see. Maybe try repeating the record 1,124 times (the number of pages in your PDF) and then defining the page number of the PDF by the repeat record number? Like this:


var pdf = CreateResource("yourPDFfile.pdf");
pdf.pagenumber = FusionPro.Composition.repeatRecordNumber;
return pdf;

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I appreciate the help step. I have run the job after separating the PDF into individual PDFs since it needed to go today. But would like to understand your thought for future use. So would I use the same rules as the template you noted and add the above rule somewhere else? Sorry, not to good with how some of these rules work.
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Attached is an example of how I would approach this if I understand the issue right.


Your data source would be set to "None" and you define the pages in the input record range in the composition dialog. In this sample it's 10 instead of 1,124. The only rule is in OnRecordStart although you could use a graphic rule instead and assign it to the graphic frame.


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Thanks for the help guys. Both ideas seem to work, but run super slow.


Strangely enough, it was way quicker to make 1,124 single page PDFs and a data source to call them in.


Thanks again for the ideas!

Edited by dreimer
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