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Error 1127 while trying to compose


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I'm getting an error when trying to compose a known working FusionPro document:


Could not load job options from file

Composition stopped with errors. Error no 1127.



We are running FusionPro Desktop 7.1P1c on Mac OS X 10.5.8



As I understand it, this error only appears when working with FusionPro Direct or Server, so I'm not sure why I'm getting it, since we don't have those installed. I have already made sure that the "Use FusionPro Direct on Scheduler" box is NOT checked.


I've already tried closing and restarting FusionPro and Acrobat, without success. I'm going to try to reboot the Mac, but then I'm pretty much out of ideas to try.

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OK... I figured this one out, though I'm unsure as to why I got the error message that I did.


It turns out that the problem was that my input and output file names were too long.


While I am working on a Mac, all of the files reside on our network, which is hosted on Windows servers. While both Windows and Macs allow long file names now, for some reason, when saving a file from the Mac to the network, the filename can't be longer than 32 bytes (actually 31, because Windows saves the data and resource forks as separate files).

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You're using a pretty old version of FusionPro. In FusionPro 8 and 9, most of the file handling code was changed from using FPSpec and the older HFS-style paths, and all the limitations that come with those in terms of file name length and volume name ambiguity, to use the newer POSIX paths and BSD function calls. So if you upgrade to a newer version (which would probably require you to upgrade to a newer version of Mac OS X as well), you shouldn't have this problem, even with longer file names from Windows or Unix servers.
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