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Change the height of a font as in InDesign

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I need to make a template from an InDesign document, where the graphic designer has changed the height of the font with the built in function in InDesign.


See here:



Is it possible to replicate this in FusionPro without the need to create a special font for this?

By using some tags, JavaScript or other?

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You can do this with the <magnify> tag. If you want the height to be 90 percent of the width, just output this tag:

<magnify type=textheight factor=90>


You can apply this with a JavaScript rule, like so:

return '<magnify type=textheight factor=90>';

Make sure you check the "Treat returned string as tagged text" box.


If you want to turn off the magnification, just issue an ending </magnify> tag.


You could also do this the older way, with the <setwidth> tag. From the screenshot, it looks like you have the font size (the width) set to 10 points, and the height set to 90 percent of that, or 9 points. The markup to accomplish that in FusionPro looks like this:

<z newsize=9><setwidth newsize=10>


Please refer to the FusionPro Tags Reference Guide for more information.

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