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Converting 4/1 Layout (2-Pg) to flat 100% Black on Back Page

Ty Rideout

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We've recently purchased FusionPro, and we're stuck trying to turn a 2 page layout (full color front, grayscale back) into a flat CMKY black (K=100% only, no RGB black) on the second page.


We're sending the PDF to our printer (Xerox 700 Digital Press) with duplexing and black detection turned on. We're positive that the back side has some sort of color element to it, since our printer is charging for a full color print on the back.


We've ruled out any static data having an RGB build, and now we're wondering if the QR Code on the back may be built to RGB even though we've set it to 100% through FusionPro.


Besided the QR, all other variable data is text and one set of Code39 Barcode. All are set to 100% K.


Is there anything you guys can think of that we're overlooking?

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