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Ticket imposition with FP 8.2


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Dear all,


I'd like to use FP to create tickets and impose them on a page.

The following template creates 30 tickets. ( billets1.pdf)

I tried to impose them with a .fpi file without success.

I'd like the ouput to be like file:30_Imposed.pdf.


All I get is like: sampledata-output.pdf


Moreover, I'd like the imposed document to first stack and then fill each line of the pages ; to be compared with what I did out of FP.

First page should contain tickets 1001, 1011 & 1021.


Thank you for your help.

30 IMPOSED.pdf




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the log is the following:

Job started 15:56:26 - 1387205786.

Creator: FusionPro VDP Creator 8.2.7

Computer Name: FRRUN01L108943

Current working folder: C:\Windows\system32

Template File: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Documents\REPRISE ANCIEN PC\HEP\SOLUTIONS HEP\PTY\SITE WEB RFR\BILLETERIE\billets1.pdf

Input File: None

Preprocessing started 15:56:26 - 1387205786.

Preprocessing record #1, input record 1

Preflight ended 15:56:26 - 1387205786.

Composing record #1, input record 1

Sheet #1, record #1

The page size in this job differs from the page size in the imposition template. Results may be undesirable.

Job ended 15:56:28 - 1387205788.


The FP document size is 203.6 x 92.4 cm

The doc size in imposer is 204 x 92.41 cm and should display 3 poses on A4.

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Step already asked me to set the number of pages to 1 with no effect.

For the datas, I've seen that FP can work without , and indeed, FP produces correctly all the 30 tickets.

But I want them to be imposed, and there it goes wrong.

Imposition is OK only if I duplicate ( 3 times the same ticket per page) or if there is a data file with 3 records. Then

Top of A4: record 1

Middle of A4: record 2

Bottom of A4: record 3.

But it doesnt apply in my case.


Is Impose only able to impose between records and not between pages of a record?

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