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Font With Non-Standard Bold Option


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Result expected:


  • The text output to be rendered as "Avenir Next Demi Bold"

Actual result:


  • The text output is rendered as "Avenir Next Demi Bold Italic" (after composing and opening the output file in Adobe Illustrator)


Relevant code from the rule:

return '<f name="Avenir Next Demi Bold">' + Field("Phone4Header") + ' ' + '</f>';

Information about the rule:


  • The output of the rule is specified to be treated as tagged text

The font shows in my font.ini as:


  • Avenir Next Demi Bold

There is no mention in font.err. I have also tried setting the text frame to use Avenir, and click the bold icon but that doesn't work either.


Edit: It's not a PostScript font, so maybe that's the issue.

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