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Copy Flowing Over Graphic


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:confused: Please help. I just ran into a new situation and do not know how to resolve.


I'm creating a business card that has a foil stamp in the top left corner, then copy around it. The text box in In Design is shaped to the copy (not a square or rectangle). When I take it into FusionPro, the text block is a rectangle that flows on top of the foil.


Is there a way to make the shape of the text box in FusionPro match In Design, so this does not happen?

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You can use one or more other text boxes, with Text Wrap turned on, to push the text out of the way of the foil stamp area. You'll need to experiment a bit to get the right shape. I typically have better results with "Use legacy line leading" turned on for this. Edited by ThomasLewis
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