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Transparent image?


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Can transparency be added to images that are merged with Fusion Pro?


I am working on merging Christmas Cards. Each store gets a customized card with the store employees that are sent to their customers. Card is a preprinted shell. Signatures are a scanned tiff that I will be using as an imprint.


Problem is that my customer would like to see a proof of the signatures on top of the shell image.


I'd like the white background on the signature image to be removed when it is merged.


Any ideas?




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FusionPro should be able to handle a TIFF with partial transparency handle just fine (except for some issues with older output formats such as JLYT and AFP).


You can use the preprinted shell as the background for your FusionPro PDF template, so that you see it there when you Preview, and then you can check the "Suppress static PDF Background in composition" box on the Graphics tab of the Composition Settings dialog, so that the preprinted shell is not part of the composed output.


Of course, when you do this, any areas of the output PDF file that are transparent will still look white in Acrobat, but that's just how Acrobat works. If you print the PDF onto the shell, you should see the transparency working. You can also drag the PDF into Illustrator or Photoshop or some other application that gives you a visual indicator of transparency.


If you want to give your customer a proof, just uncheck the "Suppress static PDF Background in composition" box and compose again.

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