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Color resource based on contents of field


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I need a rule to look at the "MagazineDescriptionField" for the word "PINK" and if it is there to change the color of a text resource.


This is what I have so far.


//Magazine Descripion Changes to Pink for Pink Edition and Red for Standard

var MagDesc = CreateResource(Field("MagazineDescriptionField"), "plain text file", true);

if (Field("CoverTemplate").indexOf("PINK") > -1)

return MagDesc.content = '<span color= "M059-PinkIssue">' + MagDesc.content + '</span>'; 


return MagDesc.content;

This returns the resource but isn't changing the color. The log file states "Unknown Tag color="M059-Pink ignored.

Unknown Tag ignored."


What do I have wrong?

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