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IDAutomation4State font missing on Mac


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I recently installed the newest version of FusionPro Desktop, and have started testing it and playing around with different formats. One of the primary uses we have for FusionPro is for direct mailing pieces, so we have an absolute need for the intelligent mail barcode. However, when I try to set it up using the field our data dept has sent us, there's no barcode, only a bunch of numbers in applegothic. I'm on a mac, OS X 10.7.5, so there's really no looking for individual files. I tried to find the font but there's nothing in our corporate fonts folder, and I don't feel like I ever saw the option for it to install. Does anybody know what I did wrong, or if I'm just missing the font from this package?
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Click “Create Rules>>New(Text)>>>Empty”.

Check the box for “Treat Return Strings As Tagged Text”.

Give the Rule an identifiable name. This Rule will be selectable from the “Variable” drop box in the Variable Text Editor once completed.

The script:

var imb = Field(IntelligentMailBarcode);

return MakeOneCodeBarcode(imb.substr(0,20),imb.substr(20),12); //change field name to match your data file

Click “Ok”, “Ok”.

Now in the text frame where this barcode will appear, insert this Rule from the “Variable” drop box.

Set the point size to 12pts. No need to apply a font, as the script will execute and print the font.

Let me know if this helps. J

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The Use Local Fonts box is checked. I've placed all the idautomation fonts into a folder on fontexplorer X Pro (the font software we use) and enabled them, loaded all fonts, and restarted both FusionPro and acrobat. I get this error message from the log when I try to output...


Font <IDAutomation4State> is not a loaded font. Using default instead.


...and it still only outputs numbers instead of a barcode.

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Yes, it validates without error. So that must not be it. I am not entirely familiar with all that FusionPro looks at, so I'm lost as to what could be wrong. I don't have the option to use the font from the dropdown box in the text window either, so I can't test that. Thank you for your patience in this, if this is as frustrating for you as it is for me.
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