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I am working on a complicated form where a multiple fields can be either empty (Suppressed), Blank (leaving spaces for users to complete) or have a value. I listed an example of the three options for the Last Name field below


1. Empty ""


2. Blank "Last Name

__ __ __ __ __ __ __"


3. Value "Last Name



The form needs to flex left to right and top to bottom. Each line has multiple fields (ie. Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial). I need to suppress the text Frames when ALL fields on that line are empty so the second line will move up. I am having difficulty due to the field labels being above the actual field and the numerous rules needed for each field. Below are examples I what I trying to do using field names below


Eaxample A

Line1: Last Name First Name Middle Initial

Line2: Smith John M

Line3: Address 1 Address 2

Line4: 123 North Main St Apartment B


Example B

Line1: Address 1 Address 2

Line2: 123 North Main St Apartment B

Line3: City St Zip

Line4: Anywhere NY 12345

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