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Need help creating an IMB using Numbers


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I need assistance in creating a IMB that passes postal regulations using numbers, not ALPHA characters.


I have very little knowledge about mail/postal software, so any assistance would be appreciated. My data processing department no longer wants to use the ALPHA character field (ONECODE) and wants to start using the IMBDIGITS field.

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I normally use the alpha myself, but if using digits I think you can use the built in rule from Fusion Pro and just have the first field in the wizard be your entire string and leave the rest of the fields blank. I haven't tested this though.


Just tested it and it works. You will get an error message because you supplied everything in one field though. Just remove the first If statement after you convert the rule to javascript and the error message will no longer appear.

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I should point out, the rule uses the "IDAutomation4STATE" font. The font I use when just applying a font to my alpha string is "USPSIMBStandard". They do not look exactly the same and I prefer the "USPSIMBStandard" font. You may have to adjust tracking as well with the numbered string, my first test didn't pass, lines to spaced out and to thin as well. Make sure you test!!
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Good morning.


I've used this javascript coding which is an edited form of the base wizard rule that is in FusionPro...

if (Trim(Field("Intelligent Mail barcode")) != "")  {
Var1="Intelligent Mail barcode";

if (Var2 != "")
 if ((Field(Var2).length != 0) && (Field(Var2).length != 5) && (Field(Var2).length != 9) && (Field(Var2).length != 11))
   ReportWarning("The routing number is not the correct length of 0, 5, 9, or 11 characters in record number " + CurrentRecordNumber() + ".");

if (fontTag == "0")

var imbOut = '<tracking newsize="' + v_tracking + '">' + MakeOneCodeBarcode(Field(Var1), RoutingNum, Var3, fontTag, v_font, Var4) + "</tracking>"; 
return imbOut
//return ReplaceSubstring(imbOut, '<z newsize="16">', '<z newsize="16"><setwidth newsize="15.5">')
else  {
   return "";

You would simply need to edit the field markers to match what you are using. The second return feature that I have commented out is used when I need to shrink the width of the imb coding slightly.


The font that I use is called USPS4CB, but I do believe that this could work for any font as long as you use the name of it here. Also remember to check the tagged text feature for this rule.


Hope this helps.


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