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help with set up ?


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is there a way to set this up in fusion pro http://forums.pti.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=902&stc=1&d=1377010913



I'm thinking

<<year>> –

<<date1>> l <<date2>> l <<date3>> and so on

and only problem I see -is I do not know total number of dates needed

because they change year to year

may be 5 different dates one year to 14 the next year



any help or thoughts on this

to get moving in the right way


would be a great help



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Are these dates in data fields? What is the maximum number you can have?


Are they all contiguous? That is, if you have three of them, will they be in date1, date2, and data3, or will they be in random fields, such as date4, date7, and date12?


If any fields are not populated, do they merely have empty values, or are they not present at all in the data file?


At any rate, without knowing more about the data (or the version of FusionPro you're using), it's hard to give a specific answer, but I think something like this would work:

var myDates = [];
for (var i = 1; i < 15; i++)
   myDates.push(Field("date" + i));

return myDates.filter(String).join(" | ");

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I still very new to the fusion pro software


this was a indesign card file setup some time ago

every year we updated it with new info


there is no data file

I will need to make a mock up data file if i go with the fusion pro file set up


the problem I'm seeing is we do not know what is being changed year to year


Are these dates in data fields? I think they will be


What is the maximum number you can have?

I will not know that - it changes year to year sometimes week to week


Are they all contiguous?

- they all should be all contiguous



im working on FusionPro 8.2

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