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win to design or set up a fusion pro file?


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win to design or set up a fusion pro file?


I need some help to think of a rule of thumb

as to win to design/redsign a job or set up a fusion pro file?


I'm starting to get jobs where it was a design job

and the customer want to make it a fusion pro file now -

I can see some of these are a great idea with fusion pro


but others I see with a great number of problems

with all the info they want to change

And I think a designer is still need to look it over the file


when do I keep a design job as a design Job

and when should I set up in fusion pro


I'm having trouble finding that line

where to say these are design job and need a designer because of _____

and these can become Fusion pro because of this ______



Thanks for any ind=sight in this


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I assume you mean an InDesign job. I guess the answer is, it depends. I mean, you're going to need to use FusionPro for any variable data. Keep in mind that, if you export an InDesign file to FusionPro, you can always make changes to the non-variable parts of the InDesign file (what we call the "static background" in FusionPro), and re-export over your existing FusionPro template file, which will copy over the static background changes but leave your VDP frames and setup intact.
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