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Copyfit Paragraph?

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I have a text frame that contains multiple fields, one of which contains a text area which will accomodate a maximum of 8 lines of text.


Only the text area needs to copyfit (horizontal scale only).


I tried using CopyfitLine and multiplying the width of the text frame by the max number of lines of text.


Here is the CopyfitLine rule I applied. Frame width is 216 (times 8 lines=1728)

return CopyfitLine("", Field("Paragraph1"), "Arial", 10, 1728, 4, true);


Works like a dream in Acrobat :) but fails in the MarcomCentral template :(


Any ideas as to why this failed in MCC and what I need to do to correct it? Thanks in advance.


Not sure where to post this, since it is ultimately a MCC issue, but deals with text formatting, so I'll start here...

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Hi Dan, thanks, but removing the checkmark from "treat returned strings as tagged text" did not result in copyfitting the paragraph. Instead, the tags displayed within the previewed text.


I moved the post from "The JavaScript Library > Formatting Text" to "MarcomCentral > Manager Specific Discussion"

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