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Newb Question - Copy text field from one document to another


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I have a 12 page booklet that I run monthly. Every month the booklet content and addresses change, but the variable text field and formatting don't (the headers in my data file never change). Is there a way to copy a text frame from one document to another?


I have been able to copy/paste a text frame on the same page, but haven't been able to copy/past onto a different page within the same document, or to a different document alltogether. Is this possible?

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You should be able to copy and paste a frame from one page to another, or even from one FusionPro document to another. I just tried it and it worked for me.


However, what you might want to consider doing, instead of having the static background for your booklet fixed, is to start with completely blank pages, and on each page, set a graphic frame to the size of the page, at the lowest layer, and bring in the "static" pages of the monthly booklet as variable graphics instead. Then you won't need to copy and paste the frames to a new document every month.

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