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Hey folks, I'm trying to figure out how to make quick work of combining some data, already laid out in pdfs, over a static background. No data file. Usually it takes a few hrs in Illustrator but I think I can get it done quickly with Fusion Pro, just not sure how.


I was thinking I could just import the data pdfs as images overtop the background but couldn't get them to pull in because there is no data file to call for it. I was using the "insert Picture rule" but couldn't get it to work correctly. Any suggestions are most appreciated.


I've attatched a background image and a two page pdf with the data that I want to impose on it. Normally I'm working with six different background and a few hundred different signs for each


Whats the best way to do this?



Simply Snackin'.pdf

Ale Nuts_NC_VA_Combo.pdf

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There are two ways you can do this:



  1. Open the "data" PDF as a resource, get the number of pages, set the record to repeat that many times, and output each page of the resource to a graphic frame for each iteration of the record repeat.
  2. Open the "data" PDF as a resource, get the number of pages, then in a loop, output each page of the resource as an inline graphic, into a text frame on a Body page which overflows to an Overflow page that duplicates the Body page.

If you don't have any other pages to output in the record other than the one with the graphic, then the first approach is easier. There's an example here:


(See the 6.0 version.)


More examples can be found by searching this forum for the keyword "multipage".

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