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Help with DropDown List

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Is it possible the create a drop down list and still have the user be able to enter text in manually as an option?

I don't understand the question. In what context are you trying to allow the user to enter the data? On a web form of some kind? In a custom web application, in MarcomCentral, or in a different web-to-print app? Are you using the Define HTML Form feature?

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Sorry, I'm using the 'Define HTML Form' I have created a dropdown list. I am using WebCRD for user access to the form. The user wants to be able to manually type in a 'Title' on the webpage as well as pick from the dropdown list.

There's no way to specify that in the HTML Form Definition. However, there's also no reason why the resulting HTML form couldn't show a "combo" box with a drop-down list and a text entry box. You would have to ask the folks at RSA about changing the way they interpret the HTML Form Definition in their WebCRD app.


The other thing you could do would be to have two separate fields, and then write logic in a JavaScript rule in the template so that if the user selected some special value such as "Other" in drop-down for the field set up as the pick list, then the value typed into the single-line text field is used instead.

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