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Formatting Bullets -- Need Help


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I am programming a product template with 10 products for one of my customers. This template has a section with features. All copy is left aligned and bullets must line up with heading.


For the bullets, the customer uses bullet space first character of first word.


I'm using formatted text and am having problems with the flow of the bullets. When the bullets wrap it is placing the first character of the 2nd line under the bullet rather than the first character of the first word on the line.


I tried using tabs but could not get it to work. It was shifting all copy instead of lining up the copy.


FusionPro Support suggested I use tagged text. I have never used tagged text before.


I clicked the view source button on my formatted text, copied it and created a tagged text file. I inserted manual breaks where copy should break <br> and tried   as well as \xa0 to try to get subsequent lines to move over. The first attempt broke the line correctly but still placed subsequent lines under the bullet. The second attempt added \xa0 in the copy and still placed subsequent lines under the bullet.


I also checked with an internal resource that has used FusionPro for 8 years and the resource could not get it to work.


Will someone please help me?


Thanks so much!

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