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Changing particular text within the data.


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So all of the data changes per record for their unique URL or "PURL" for this campaign.


Customer would like to do the following:


Change this:



to this:



My attempt to make this happen:


return Field("Personalized URLs").replace(/[\Myprepassbenefits\>\/]/g,"MyPrePassBenefits");


Basically, initial cap-case conversion for just part the Myprepassbenefits portion of the data.

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You don't want to put "Myprepassbenefits" between brackets ([]). Brackets start a character class and finds a match for each character in that class. Basically, you'll replace each of those letters with "MyPrePassBenefits." Secondly, I don't think you'll need to capture >'s or /'s. You can rewrite it like this:


return Field("Personalized URLs").replace(/Myprepassbenefits/gi,"MyPrePassBenefits");


Notice that I put an 'i' at the end of the regex so that the match is not case-sensitive. That means this will match "myprepassbenefits" and format it correctly.


Hope that helps.

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