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is there a way to change the kerning?


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As far as I can tell, FusionPro allows for kerning to be on or off without options to modify the defaults built in to a given font.


To custom-alter spacing you can use tracking. This can be applied either universally via the paragraph settings (just above the kerning checkbox) or by using a tag around specific characters, and setting the percentage amount ranging from -100 (letters on top of each other) to 500 (5x the normal kerning amount).

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What is the tag for Kerning and how would a basic text line look?


Example: Hello, I am <kern amount> John <\kern>.

Do you mean pair kerning, or do you mean tracking (letter-spacing)?



Kerning is controlled by the Kerning check box on the Paragraph Formatting dialog, or by the "kerning" attribute of the <p> tag. The amount of kerning for any given pair of characters is specified by the font.


Tracking is controlled by the Tracking edit box on the Paragraph Formatting dialog, or by the <tracking newsize="***"> tag. Zero is nominal tracking, a number less than zero will squeeze the characters closer together, and a number greater than zero spreads the characters out. (Tracking can also be specified as the type in a <magnify> tag, or in the MagnifyAttributes object in OnCopyfit.)


Please refer to the FusionPro Tags Reference Guide for more information.

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