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Rich Text Editor and Opentype fonts

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I'm not able to Bold or Italicize fonts using the Rich Text Editor and I was wondering if they need to be Truetype fonts to do this? The fonts I'm using now are Opentype and they're not working.


Thank You


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Hi Alex,


The Bold version is installed. It's working correctly on another template page, but it's not stylized on that page. Possibly the "stylized Bold" isn't looking for "Bold"? Maybe Ultra or some other heavier style? I'm attaching a pdf of my output from Creator 9.0.3 (just updated this morning). P1 shows the word Bold, not working and P2 shows the Benton Sans Bold font that is working, not stylized. I tried to put in a help ticket in MarcomCentral but it's under maintenance. Is there some other way to upload my collected files or have someone look at the item in MarcomCentral? I've asked the customer for truetype fonts, but understandably, they're not to eager to purchase them. Thanks Lisa

13-636 Assoc pstcrd.pdf

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The RTE only allows one font. Applied styles don't work with OTF because the font file only stores one style, unlike TTF. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this.)


I ran into this awhile back and was able to make it work by editing the Fonts.ini file (located at C:/Users/Public/Public Documents/PTI)


1) Make a backup copy of this file.

2) Open in a text editor and search for the BOLD version of the font (in my case Avenir LT Std 65 Medium.) This is what you wan the applied bold to return.

3) Duplicate the entire entry.

4) Change first font name (in red) to the regular version (I changed it to Avenir LT Std 35 Light).

4) Change the style (in orange) from Regular to Bold.

5) Change the first number (in green) from 0 to 1.

6) Save to the location noted above.

7) Re-collect you job and upload to MCC.


Avenir LT Std 35 Light;AvenirLTStd-Medium;Bold;1;0;W;;OpenType PostScript;C:\Users\Public\Documents\PTI\FusionPro\Fonts\AvenirLTStd-Medium.bfk;C:\Users\Public\Documents\PTI\FusionPro\Fonts\AvenirLTStd-Medium.pfa;C:\Users\Public\Documents\PTI\FusionPro\Fonts\\AvenirLTStd-Medium.otf;C:\Users\Public\Documents\PTI\FusionPro\Fonts\AvenirLTStd-Medium.ufk;


You will want to save your edit somewhere for future access. You will have to add it back if you ever load fonts from the FP advanced menu.

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