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Adjusting spacing within a field?

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Working on setting up some business cards. Some of the records have an OfficePhone entry, some have a CellPhone entry, some have both, etc. We made the words "Office" and "Mobile" part of the data (easy fix to make sure they suppressed automatically). The customer wants the plus-signs to line up vertically. is there a way to change the gap between "Office" and "+" without changing the spacing anywhere else? This is how the data reads:


OfficePhone CellPhone

"Office +1 513 204 6219" "Mobile +1 513 312 0994"


Not sure if it's possible, but you never know.


Thank you!

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Sounds like you could use a table to line up everything. I don't know what font and what font size you're using so I didn't mess with the column widths too much but I've commented out beside what you'd need to change to get the table to fit your text. This should get you started:


var numbers = [Field("Office"),Field("Mobile")]; // Your field names
numbers = numbers.filter(String);

new FPTable;
var myTable = new FPTable;
myTable.AddColumns(4800, 2000, 14400); // Column 1, 2, & 3 width respectively. 1in = 7200 

for (var i=0; i<numbers.length; i++){
   myTable.Rows[i].SetContents(numbers[i].split("+")[0], "+", numbers[i].split("+")[1]);

return myTable.MakeTags();

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