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Multiple versions of full letters requires a sorted output

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Running a trial of FP VDP Creator. So far really liking it. I have a question regarding merging of multiple documents by mail sort order.


Here is the scenario. I have a file of 4,000 records. The records are sorted by Postal Code. However, the document may change for any record, depending on the letter the recipient is to receive. There are 4 versions of the letter being sent to the recipients.


Currently I create each of the 4 letters, including merge fields, in InDesign, using DesignMerge. Using DesignMerge, I save each letter as Group Picture. My final merge document calls on each of the 4 Group Pictures (the unique letters) and provides a final output with all the pages in Postal Code sort order.


Is there a way that FP VDP Creator, in Adobe Acrobat Pro, can create such a scenario?





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Sure. Since the input data is already in postal sort order, the output will be in the same order. If you want to use a different letter for each recipient, you can either create four different Formatted Text Resources, and write a rule to call out a specific one based on the record data, or you could create four different pages in your template, and call FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage in OnRecordStart to call out a particular page, again based on the record data.
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Hi Dan,


Thanks for the quick response!


I have attached a sample of how varied each letter can be. You will see that there's a requirement as well to have text wrapping around images.


So even with such varied letters, it's possible to create each individual letter, with their contained variable fields, and have FP output by sequence of, for example, a count field in the database?



4 Letters Sample.pdf

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