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Using Small Caps with accented characters


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My data file contains a field called 'lastName'

the value of 'lastName' is 'Hernández'


In a rule, I am simply converting the field to Small Caps, like so:


return '<smallcap>' + Field("lastName") + '</smallcap>';

This rule converts all of the lower case letters to small caps, EXCEPT FOR the lower case a with the accent above it. It seems to ignore that character as if it doesn't know the equivalent 'upper case' version.




Now ... if I do this instead ...

return '<smallcap>' + Field("tpa_single_Doctor1").replace("á","Á") + '</smallcap>'

... the letter 'a' displays correctly. (Even though Á is already upper case, the rule doesn't see it as upper case. It displays properly at the Small Caps size.)




Is this a glitch in the 'smallcaps' tag? or an issue with the font encoding?

I tried 5 or 6 different fonts but I got the same result each time.


My solution is to use the JavaScript '.replace' function but this is cumbersome of I had to watch for all accented characters.

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