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Writing Rule to Meet Multiple Conditions


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I am trying to write a rule where the user must meet two or more conditions.


My goal: If an extension is entered on either of the first two contact numbers, the third number will not be returned because of the amount of space the designer allowed. If they do not have extensions on the first two numbers, the third number will be returned. (below, 'Label3 RULE' is the third number formatted & with appropriate label).


Below is one of several failed attempts which will hopefully portray my end goal:


if (Field("Extension 1")||(Field("Extension 2")!="");
return "";
return Rule("Label3 RULE");


Should I be taking a different approach to achieving a specific return where multiple conditions must be met?


Thank you,



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The problem is the semicolon at the end of the first line:

if (Field("Extension 1")||(Field("Extension 2")!="")[color=Red];[/color]

That effectively provides an empty statement block for the "if" statement. So it has no effect, and the following line (which returns an empty string) is always executed, unconditionally.


Remove that semicolon at the end of the first line and your rule will work fine.

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