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VPS output low resolution

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I need to output files to VPS (single-file VPS) for them to rip as efficiently as possible on on color presses. I've noticed that VPS files I output from FusionPro 7.2P1k in Acrobat 9.5.4 are printing somewhat low resolution and the colors change in some images. If I output to VDX or PDF the print looks fine (identical to one another). The VPS however lightens photos considerably and non-variable text and and vector graphic angles are jaggy.

I've checked the output settings and everything is identical for the 3 outputs mentioned above (as much as possible).

Any ideas what might cause this or how I can fix it?



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It's probably a setting on your press. Or it could be something about your files; for instance, if the images don't have ICC color profiles associated with them, then they get a default profile when embedded into the PostScript output. Or you might have down sampling set in the composition options in your template.


It's hard to offer more specific suggestions without knowing more about the files involved, and, of course, which press you're using.

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