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Trying to find an example for StartNewStack() or ?? to pull slip sheets based on changing of data field.


I don't want to output a new file, I just want to pull some slip sheets and imposition will likely be used along with this. In the Rules Guide it refers me to User Guide, I don't see anything in User Guide!


Thanks for your help

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I wish I could have had a hand in designing the slip feature. We are a large mailer and need to throw a slip for both sack and pack, that is the tray and each unit within the tray. Also we burst the imposed sheet with slitter cutter creasers, the stacking feature is no good for us.


Any ideas on how to just throw a slip without stacking?


I have been thinking of just adding an extra number of blank pages that are unused and calculating modulus to determine how many to print to complete an imposed sheet along with enough extras to complete another fully imposed sheet as a separator but there seems like there should be a better way?

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