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CodaBar barcode problem


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Hi PTI community,


Im new here and new to PTI. So this is one of my first threads (hopefully my problem well enough)


I am working on marking an ID card. I made a field called barcode and chose the font to be "Codabar" after printing it the barcode scanner couldn't read the barcode. Do I need to make a rule that will change the barcode field into the "codabar"? if so how would I go about writing such a rule?


Thanks for your help

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FusionPro does not have a built-in function to encode Codabar barcodes. You'll either need to have the barcode data pre-encoded in your data file, or implement your own algorithm in JavaScript to encode whatever data you're trying to store in the barcode, based on the font.


Here are some descriptions and examples of Codabar encoding:




Someone else here on the forum may be able to share a solution. Otherwise, if you don't want to take this on yourself, you can contact PTI Sales for a quote for custom template-building. There are also third-party libraries and applications which can do the encoding for you, and even generate graphics for the barcodes, which you can use in FusionPro.

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