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Layering of variable images

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I have a customer who wants to send a spreadsheet and have us produce several business cards in one shot. I have everything set up and working fine, except there's a variable picture that in their design is behind a few graphic elements. When I compose the file it creates a pdf with the picture, but the picture is in front of the graphic elements. I've sent the photo frame to the back in InDesign before exporting the template, and then again using FusionPro in Acrobat as well.


Does FusionPro always bring variable images to the front? Is there a way around this?


I've attached an example of what I'm trying to do.


FusionPro 8.0.20

InDesign CS6

Acrobat 10.1.6

Mac OS 10.6.8


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The static elements on the pages of the template PDF are always in the background, behind any variable frames. The way around this is to start with a completely blank page, then set a graphic frame covering the whole page, and populate that frame with the graphic which used to be the background, by bringing in that PDF as a resource and returning that resource from a rule. Then you can put down your other variable frames, and then you can set the layers of all the frames relative to each other as you wish.
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