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Updating PDF with previous data


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So my client is asking to update a PDF, called "XYZ.PDF" -


I open the new file, and select the data definition wizard, and choose to import a data source from another document. I select the old data definition from last month's version.


Then I go to "Advanced>>Import Files" and select the old PDF, because none of the actual fusion pro data is any different, and then make sure the three options are checked


1) Paragraph Styles

2) Layout

3) Colors


Since the actual variable data doesn't change, only some cosmetics on the PDF, I would think this would work. But when I compose it, the resulting PDF shows the old one, not the new updated version that I was working on.


Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

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Have you "re-imported" the original variable data file? We had that issue a while back and once that was done, the new .pdf showed. Do everything you did, but before composing, re import the original data fiel. Don't know if that will work, but it did for us.
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That didn't work....


Is there anyone from Printables that can assist on this? It's a very frustrating issue.


Perhaps there could be a way to import only the variable text / graphics boxes without having to choose the old PDF to get them would work?

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