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Opening and Exporting my template


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I'm new to Fusion Pro and am desperately trying to get through the first step, before I even choose my data file. I have FusionPro VDP 8 and I'm using a MAC. I've been through a webinar, some fundamentals tutorials, and the Quick Start Guide. From the guide it says to open the template from InDesign, make variable frames, and export the document. I went to 'export' on the INDD toolbar and saved the file as a PDF. It says the file will open in Adobe but I can't find the PDF. Fusion Pro should ask to assoc. the data file, define format, etc. but i cant figure out where the tasks are in Fusion Pro to proceed with these options. HELP?? This is only a test to get our feet wet before live jobs for clients. I need to get something going ASAP. Thanks for any help.
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From Indesign, select the "Window" menu option. Enable "Fusionpro".

A palette will appear. There is a small arrow when selected that will indicate "Export". Once this option is selected, you will be able to export the PDF which will then open in Acrobat when saved prompting you for the flat file, either csv or tab-delimited text. In Acrobat you can click the orange "F" on the toolbar to bring up the Fusionpro "Steps" menu. You can also access the user guide by selecting "Fusionpro>>Documentation" as well. Hope this helps.

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