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We have a company where users have various long, multiple part business units. If the person has more than one business unit, it is separated by a "/".


I am new to JavaScript, but managed to piece this together:


TypeSplit = Field("Title 2").split("/");

   return TypeSplit[0] +'/'+ "\n" +TypeSplit[1]+ "\n";


It does what I want, unless the person only has one business unit, in which case it returns with '/ <br> undefined'


What can I write to make one unit not have the '/' and 'undefined' ? I want it to return

" "


I appreciate any input you can offer.



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Try using a replace function instead of a split. This way it will search the string for a "/" and replace it with a break tag. I used a regex so that it can handle multiple instances of "/" thus inserted a break tag per "/".


return Field("Title 2").replace(/\//g,"<br>");

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All I had to do was add the "/" in front of the "<BR>" to get the final product we needed:


return Field("Title 2").replace(/\//g,"/<br>");


I appreciate the quick responses.



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