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Line Break Placement


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Trying to put together a postcard. Some of the names have just the last name, and some have "Lastname and family." I'd like the "and family" bit to drop to the next line. I saw there was a rule that worked with a hyphenated last name, but couldn't seem to make it work with "and."




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var s = Field("Your Field");
return s;

That's not quite right. For one thing, you have to assign the result of the String.replace call back the string, like so:

s = s.replace("and", "<br>and");

Or just return the result of the call, like so:

return s.replace("and", "<br>and");

But there's another problem too. You need to be careful about what you're replacing. You don't want to turn a name like "Russell Brand" into "Russell Br<br>and". I would use the "\b" (word boundary) escape in a regular expression to make sure you're only modifying complete words, like so:

return s.replace(/\band\b/, "<br>and");

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