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Printing Specific Pages in a Document


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I have a five page document where depending on choice of customer, either page 1 and 5; 2 and 5; 3 and 5 or 4 and 5 will print out. I need a rule to disable the other pages from being viewed or printed, depending on the selection. Basically hiding any page that is not containing relevance to the choice.


Choices are English 1 address (pages 1 and 5); English 2 addresses (pages 2 and 5); Japanese Name 1 address (pages 3 and 5), Japanese 2 addresses (pages 4 and 5). Default would be English 1 address.


Thanks for the help!

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Well, I don't know your field names or how you determine whether the addresses are in English or Japanese. But basically, you want to call FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage for specific pages in OnRecordStart. Something like this:

var language = Field("language");
var numAddresses = Field("Address2") ? 2 : 1;
FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(1, language == "English" && numAddresses == 1);
FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(2, language == "English" && numAddresses == 2);
FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(3, language == "Japanese" && numAddresses == 1);
FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(4, language == "Japanese" && numAddresses == 2);

Or, depending on how your fields are set up, the logic might be a bit different. You may be able to set pages 1 through 4 to all be Unused in the Page Usage dialog, and then make one call to FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage just to activate the page you want.

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