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We would like to duplicate a press sheet at set intervals of the run and have that sheet print to a separate bin. That way we have hard copy that represents the run. Since it is a duplicate, our mailing will still be complete. Is there a way to do this? We were able to get a record to do this but don't know how to apply it to an imposition.
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No, this won't work. We are trying to have an exact duplicate of a live press sheet that we can keep on hand should problems arise. That way we have a sample of what printed. If we can do that throughout the run, then we can pin point where something went wrong.

I'm not sure I understand. What happens if the problem isn't on the particular sheet you're duplicating? You could always put some information about the current record on the slip sheet, which you could use to track where you are in the output, even though it's not an exact duplicate of what's being printed.


In FusionPro 8.2, you can place a unique barcode on each imposed sheet for tracking purposes. It's my understanding that this is how such tracking is usually done.

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