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I have a "strange problem…"


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(Ihope I post at the right place…)


A customer try to make his order in the online shop but has the message :


"Mistake in calculation of taxes: the supplied data are not coherent with the demand(request) of calculation (ID:55)"


(at the step "validation of the order).


When I do the same order with my login, ther is no problem.


If anyone knows what's goin' on (a mistake in user location or "elsewhere" form…), I would be really grateful.


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I have an email about this from you as well, let's handle this that way for now and if it ends up being something other than user error that may be useful for other people to know I'll sum it up here. At this point it sort of sounds like the zip code doesn't match the city they entered, something like that but a total guess at this point.


Jeff Stehman

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