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barcode issue with vdx


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I am running into an issue with several types of barcodes when the final output type is vdx. The one I am trying to get working currently is a 3 of 9 barcode.


In the FusionPro pdf the barcode previews correctly (see attachment fp.gif).


When output to a pdf the barcode is correct (see attachment pdf.gif).


When output to ps and run through our Nexpress front end to preview, the barcode is correct.


However, when output to vdx and run through our Nexpress front end to preview, the barcode is getting cropped severely at the top and slightly at the bottom (see attachment vdx.gif).


If I open the vdx in Acrobat, the page with the barcode shows the barcode improperly cropped (see attachment vdx_detail.gif), but the entirety of the barcode is actually there. I can grab the barcode with a Pitstop selection tool and move it to see the cropped areas. It is just falling outside of the media boxes. It seems like the bounding area isn't getting generated correctly for the barcode object.


Any ideas? Thanks.


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