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Mac Fusion Pro 5.8 Quitting


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Having a problem when I select an item on the FP steps pallate. Create rules or compose template seems to kill Acrobat on a regular basis. When I restart acrobat it works just fine. Working with other parts of FP don't seem to be problem.

Any Ideas


Mac OS X 10.4.11

Acrobat 8.1.3

Fusion Pro Desktop 5.8 P2c



Dave Young

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Sounds like the FusionPro preference file may have gotten corrupted.

Try this:

Run the “Uninstaller” from the “Applications >Printable folder. When this completes, delete the "Printable" folder from the following locations:


Library: Preferences

Library : Application Support.

Empty from Trash.

Reinstall FusionPro. This should provide a clean installation for the program

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I think I found the problem without reinstalling.

I was also running Enfocus PitStop in Acrobat. Once I was able to find where the plugin was located and disable it, FP seems to run fine.

Don't know if there's a known conflict, but it works now


If the problem reoccurs I will try reinstalling.


Thanks for your advice



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