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With low rez proofs


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Is there a way to make the Proof at the store level low rez so that someone who is ordering this item can't take the pdf and have it printed on their own.


right now at the store level I hit the pdf button and it spits out a pdf

is there anyway for that pdf to have low rez text at all

if the proof has been approved

is there a way to see what the final output will look like?





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You could also add a watermark to the store preview if you prefer, instructions attached. I also have a sample template available but I can't attach it here, if you email me at support@pti.com I can send that to you.


Jeff Stehman

Technical Support | PTI Marketing Technologies | Printable Technologies, Inc.

jstehman@pti.com | http://www.pti.com

858.847.6622 direct | 800.220.1727 office


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