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Formatting International Phone Numbers


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We have a client we are building a new Marcomm Central Storefront for that has office worldwide. A few of the items that will be on the site are stationery (business cards, letterhead, envelops, etc.). The items with phone numbers need the phone numbers formatted for international numbers. Ex: +44 7891 549 692. The Phone Number Format Rule in Fusion Pro only has formats for domestic numbers.

Have any of you written a rule to format international phone numbers? If so, will you share it with me? If not, have you run into this situation before and resolved it a different way? If so, will you share that with me?


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This code formats numbers as you have requested. It requires that the number be 12 digits long otherwise it won't return anything.


var s = "447891549692";
s = s.replace(/\D/g,""); // remove anything but digits to strip out any pre-existing formatting
return (s.length == 12) ? "+" + Left(s,2) + " " + s.substring(2,6) + " " + s.substring(6,9) + " " + Right(s,3) : "";

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