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problems with Barcode 128 - with jlt file output


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I am having issues with jlt files when I am creating a job that has the Barcode 128.


I have applied the 128 Barcode Rule and I am using the font "IDAutomationC128M".


I tried contacting HP since we are sending to an Indigo 5500. But they say that the problem is with FusionPro Desktop.


We printed a job with barcode numbers ranging from 10058001 - 10116000.


Most of the job printed successfully. But some of the barcodes did not.

Each of the bad barcodes had the numbers 60 somewhere in the code.

But, many barcodes with 60 in the code printed successfully.


Anyways, it seems there may be a "bug" or flaw in the jlt engine that is unable to create a file that prints accurately.


The font and the rule appear to be working properly since I can see it accurately in the preview, and when I create a PDF.


I tried reloading the font on the HP differently (with kerning on and off for example), but nothing worked (and sometimes got worse).


Anyone have any insight?



- Scott

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What version of FP are you running? We encountered issues with jlt output to our indigos as well with version 8 and have since been running jobs as PPMLs.


If it's earlier than the 8.0 release, I'd check how you've loaded the IDAutomationC128M font to your rip. When you load barcodes to the indigo, make sure that the font size you're using is specified in the font size list, kerning is off, and the character set is "windows."


Additionally, to narrow down the problem, I would try to recreate the job using HP's variable solution (SmartStream Designer) just to determine if it is in fact a FP issue or an issue with your press.


Last ditch effort, I'd create a PDF or a PPML file out of FP to move the job along.

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Thanks for the reply Step.


We are using 6.1P1e still.


I am pretty sure the font was loaded at the correct size, set to windows without kerning, but I will double check it when I get the chance.


If I get some time I will look into SmartStream, but I was under the impression that SmartStream didn't handle bar codes all that well. Doesn't it lack the ability to calculate the check sum numbers?

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Honestly, I'm not sure what the pros and cons are for SmartStream – we primarily use FusionPro for all of our variable data. I know the basic functionalities of SmartStream and really only use it to determine whether the problem is with FP or with the press.
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