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Where does FP look for fonts?


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What folder does FP look into when it needs to load a font?


I'm trying to do a run a job and am getting a message saying "The FusionPro template uses fonts which are not loaded on this machine." (see attached)


The font I need is there - FP just can't find it. When I click on the Yes button, FP takes me to a specific font folder and the one I need is not showing up. Which of the half dozen font folders is it looking into?


It's a good quality font, I've run FP>Advanced>Load Fonts>Load All several times to no avail. I've also checked Load Local Fonts in the Acrobat Preferences.


The Font loads OK for all the other apps on my Mac.


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Generally, font questions should go to FusionProSupport@PTI.com. That said, instead of looking in specific folders, FusionPro uses system API calls to fetch all the fonts loaded by the operating system, then processes them as part of its font loading.


What font specifically is not loaded? Is there any reference to it in the fonts.err file (in "/Library/Preferences/PTI/FusionPro")? Are you using any third-party font management utilities?

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